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Are we nearly there yet? With more people hitting the road for holidays in 2020, keeping younger passengers entertained is more important than ever; for everyone’s sake.

More holidaymakers than ever are opting to take a road trip rather than fly this year, according to new research by CarGurus.

As COVID-19 and confusion over air bridges continues to affect people’s holiday plans, the study revealed that two thirds (66%) of car buying Brits planning to travel intend to drive, rather than fly, for one or more trips this year.

With schools breaking up for the summer holidays, cars will be the key to smaller day trips and weekend escapes too, with 42% of those included in the CarGurus study expecting to use their car for more road trips or longer drives, and over a third (38%) saying they see their car as an escape or for fun after enduring months of restricted travel.

CarGurus, the fastest growing online automotive marketplace in the UK*, surveyed 1,104 car buyers in June to help understand and track shifts in their habits and sentiments towards travelling and commuting throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of this extra time spent travelling by car also means that parents expecting their kids to endure long car journeys need to plan ways to keep them entertained, ensuring everyone arrives at their destination happy and relaxed. To address this, CarGurus has compiled 10 tips to keep kids entertained whilst on a long car journey. These include games to let kids’ imagination run wild, making use of technology, and even a twist on the classic game of I spy. The full list can be seen here.

For those wishing to join the increasing number of people that intend to avoid air travel for the time being, but perhaps do not have a suitable vehicle, CarGurus is all you need. Aside from helping car shoppers search local car listings and quickly find great deals from top rated dealers, we’ve also compiled this handy guide to buying a used car to get you started.

Chris Knapman, Editor at CarGurus, commented: “As our recent study shows, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are opting to travel by car rather than plane for their summer holiday this year, so the question of how to keep the kids entertained on a long journey is likely to be front of mind for many.

“To help, we’ve compiled our top 10 ways to keep the kids entertained on a long journey. We can’t promise complete peace and quiet, but at least you’ll have something prepared for when a shrill voice from the back seat pipes up with “Are we nearly there yet?”. Although our list isn’t intended to keep adults entertained, some of the tips are certainly transferable to an everyday commute, such as listening to audiobooks to pass the time. We do not recommend playing I spy by yourself, however.”

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