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Aston Barclay rolls out enhanced refurbishment service

Aston Barclay has rolled out its enhanced refurbishment service to buyers across its UK network.

The series of smart repair, paintless dent removal, alloy wheel refurbishment and glass repair services are being offered at each site under the guidance and management of a fully trained refurbishment manager known as an ‘enhanced hero’.

Typically, all refurb work is completed within 96 hours of the auction purchase before being transported to its new owner. The constant focus by the enhanced team is on increasing the speed at which used cars are made ready for buyers to retail and ultimately increase stock turn.

Aston Barclay’s group managing director Martin Potter (pictured) said: “Our buyers have told us that the ability for us to offer a post-sale, pre-delivery refurbishment service is of great benefit to their retail business.

“If a buyer can take delivery of used cars in an enhanced condition, they can reduce their stocking days, increase their speed of sale and stock turn, and unlock capital more quickly.”

To help the buyer make a refurb investment decision Aston Barclay’s ‘enhanced heroes’ film a short video of each car. This video is then sent by email or SMS to the buyer with a fully itemised and costed repair summary and an acceptance button to approve the work.

Vendors can also access the enhanced service prior to used cars going under the hammer. The aim is to help increase vendor bid volumes, a car’s sale price as well as improve conversion rates.

Potter said: “The addition of enhanced complements our vendor-focused refurbishment services and opens up a broader range of vehicles in the market that are refurbished prior to sale.”

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