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Auto Windscreens puts ADAS in ‘poll position’ for Road Safety Week 

According to LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the UK leads Europe in the adoption of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in cars, but polls by Auto Windscreens on LinkedIn marking Brake’s Road Safety Week (14-20 November) show there is still a lack of understanding and knowledge about the systems.

Auto Windscreens found 24% of respondents didn’t know what ‘ADAS’ stands for, and over a third (39%), incorrectly said pedestrian warning, lane assist and tyre pressure monitoring were not forms of ADAS. More positively, 92% identified adaptive cruise control as an ADAS option and 93% knew a full windscreen replacement is required if there is damage in the area covered by ADAS sensors.

James MacBeth, Auto Windscreens’ Managing Director, said: “To mark Road Safety Week we want to raise awareness of ADAS. Despite predictions that some level of ADAS will be present in 85% of all vehicles produced globally by 2025 (LexisNexis), it’s clear there’s still some work to be done to educate drivers about it.

“It’s clear there’s some confusion about forms of ADAS, and really that’s no surprise, with the variety of technology now available in vehicles. It’s great to see the majority of people are now aware any windscreens with damage in the sensor area must be replaced and an ADAS calibration undertaken to ensure the systems continue to work correctly.

“With colder weather on the way, it’s critical drivers inspect their windscreens regularly, so we’re offering free winter windscreen checks at all our 71 service centres around the UK to help keep people safe on the roads.”

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