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Beware bullish behaviour with your EV battery – time for a public awareness campaign

Ed Grimston, joint MD of Altelium, the battery health and insurance specialist company, welcomes the legislation announced last week that that all new homes and buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces, will be required to install electric vehicle (EV) charge points from next year.

“Now the public must be taught how to charge their car batteries in the correct way. The life of a battery can vary by up to 400 per cent according to how it is charged and used, and the public must be helped to understand this to avoid enormous waste.
“Few car owners are aware that electric cars have different battery chemistries, which affects how they should be charged to optimise their lifespan.” Ed says.

Altelium provides insured warranties on electric batteries to complement the battery manufacturers’ warranties, and has a vast database of battery information, enhanced with AI and triangulated with real life testing of laboratory battery twins.

“We know that EV battery life span varies enormously according to their chemistry and charging history. Along with the new physical infrastructure we need a new public awareness programme.” Ed concludes.

This might be especially relevant for your audience in light of the new E-Rating scale for electric vehicles just announced: chart referenced below.

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