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Car buyers reveal the brands they trust the most in the inaugural CarGurus Car Buyer Trust Index

Mercedes-Benz is the UK’s most trusted car brand, according to the 2020 CarGurus Car Buyer Trust Index report, a first-of-its-kind study commissioned by online automotive marketplace, CarGurus.

The German car maker topped a list of 21 manufacturers that have been ranked as part of the inaugural CarGurus Car Buyer Trust Index*, a new independent report that provides unprecedented insight into how perceived trust impacts decision-making among different genders and age groups.

Audi, Ford, Toyota and Volvo completed the top five with Fiat recording the lowest overall brand ranking.

Researchers at GlobalWebIndex asked 2,183 car-buyers to rank car makers on five key factors that build trust: integrity, transparency, genuineness, social conscience and reliability. This formulated the overall performance for each brand.

Twenty-one car makers were included in the Index, with 20 based on sales data from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd (SMMT) with Tesla added as a brand of topical interest. Tesla finished mid-table when it came to consumer trust, slotting into 12th place in the report.

Overall Brand Performance

  Brand Index
1st Mercedes Benz 73.6
2nd Audi 70.6
3rd Ford 70.2
4th Toyota 69.4
5th Volvo 67.9
6th BMW 66.7
7th KIA 66.7
8th Vauxhall 66.4
9th Mini 65.7
10th Honda 65.5
11th Volkswagen 65.2
12th Tesla 64.4
13th Nissan 64.4
14th Land Rover 64.2
15th Hyundai 63.7
16th SEAT 63.1
17th Skoda 62.7
18th Citroën 60.8
19th Renault 59.8
20th Peugeot 58.8
21st FIAT 55.4

In addition, the report also showed how men and women differ when it comes to trusting automotive brands.

Mercedes-Benz was most trusted overall by male car buyers whereas Audi and Ford shared the top spot as the brands in which women put the most faith.

There were greater differences of opinion among some of the other brands, though. Kia, rated as second overall for men, was a lowly 15th for women. MINI, on the other hand, was ranked fifth overall by women and 15th by men.

Brand Trust: gender differences

  Male Female
1st Mercedes Benz Audi & Ford
2nd KIA  
3rd Volvo Toyota
4th Audi Mercedes Benz
5th Vauxhall MINI
6th Ford Volkswagen
7th Toyota Tesla
9th Hyundai Honda
10th Land Rover Volvo
11th Citroën Nissan
12th Honda SEAT
13th Nissan Vauxhall
14th Skoda Land Rover
16th Volkswagen Peugeot
17th SEAT Skoda
18th Tesla Hyundai
19th Renault Renault
20th Peugeot FIAT
21st FIAT Citroën

“For consumers, having trust in a purchase – and who they are buying it from – is fundamental to the buying journey. Therefore, we created the CarGurus Car Buyer Trust Index to help gain a deeper understanding of how trust is built, and the extent to which it informs car-buying decisions,” said Chris Knapman, CarGurus UK editor.

“The Car Buyer Trust Index provides unprecedented insight into the role that trust plays in the car buying process, while at the same time showing our commitment to becoming the world’s most trusted and transparent car-buying platform.”

Founded by TripAdvisor co-founder Langley Steinert, CarGurus combines dealer reviews with comprehensive car valuation analytics to bring trust and transparency to the automotive marketplace, allowing buyers to quickly and easily find great deals from the best dealers.

To view the full CarGurus Car Buyer Trust Index visit

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