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Comprehensive vehicle history checks – some things to remember

Buying from a dealer? Make sure they’ve run a history check of the car you’re looking at – they should have done, and they should be happy to provide you with a full print out of its findings that you can check over before you buy the car

Buying from a private seller? This is where a vehicle history check is particularly important, especially if the documentation that goes with the car is patchy. All you need is the number plate of the car you’re looking to buy, and some time to understand what the check is telling you. Don’t be pressured into buying the car before you are confident it’s worth the money it’s being sold for

Don’t forget: a vehicle history check brings together a lot of different data about a car’s past, but drivers should never rely on them alone – ask plenty of the questions of the seller, check documentation thoroughly and consider getting the vehicle professionally-inspected for a valuable second opinion. The RAC website carries a comprehensive guide.

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