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Consumers need great EV Charger choice

EV manufacturers and leasing companies need to offer a greater choice of charging units to meet consumer demand

EV drivers want more than one option when it comes to selecting a charger for their electric or hybrid car, according to the 2022 data published by ChargedEV, their choices are driven by more than price.

The data surrounding the customer journeys of the 8,000 drivers referred to ChargedEV by its partners, shows that in 2022 drivers were more influenced by reliability, technical features and aesthetics ahead of just having a value base model charger fitted to their house.

Nearly 70% of drivers paid a premium for their chargers of up to £200, ignoring the base options in favour of more sophisticated models and features.

60% of customers chose a tethered charger over a socket installation

More than one third of drivers required a solar compatibility with their charger.

“When new vehicles are available with thousands of options, paint colours and variants, our experience shows us that consumers want the same level of choice when it comes to selecting their EV chargers,” commented Mark Pymm, Founder of ChargedEV.

Pymm added: “With many leasing companies and vehicle OEMs partnering with a single Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment manufacturer, the result can be a staggering lack of choice for drivers, who often have complex needs in their charging equipment. Our customer data shows that that leasing companies and OEMs would benefit from offering a wider range of chargers to their customers.”

With more than 10 years’ experience in consultancy and installation of EV chargers in domestic and commercial environments, ChargedEV is the UK’s leading independent EV charging specialist, with more than 35,000 charge points installed to date.

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