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Czinger Vehicles expands dealer network internationally, aligning with H.R. Owen as its exclusive partner in the U.K.

Czinger Vehicles is expanding its global reach, announcing H.R. Owen as its first international retail partner and exclusive Czinger dealer in the U.K. The alignment opens up the European market to the Los Angeles-based automotive brand as sales begin for its first production car, the pathbreaking 21C.

Czinger joins H.R. Owen’s outstanding portfolio of both established players and disruptive newcomers in the automotive space. Working with ultra-bespoke coachbuilders like Radford, pure-EV hypercar manufacturers like Rimac Automobili, and old-guard manufacturers such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, H.R. Owen is excited by Czinger, who they recognize as a next-generation technological pioneer.

“We’ve always chosen to work with the very best automotive brands in the world, and we don’t add another partner to our roster without serious consideration,” said H.R. Owen CEO Ken Choo. “The Czinger 21C is a very special car, designed without limitations of cost. It sits at the very top of the automotive hierarchy, offering an experience that even some of the most established and sought-after supercar brands in the world would struggle to offer. It is the crowning glory to a car collection. The ultimate track day car. The genesis of a new brand.”

Echoed Czinger Co-Founder Lukas Czinger, “As the foremost luxury automotive dealer in the U.K., H.R. Owen is an instantly recognized and respected international brand. As we grow our global presence and our vehicle portfolio, collaborating with the right, best-in-class, partners is critical. Together with H.R. Owen, we will introduce a new era of automotive performance and technology to the U.K. market.”

The 21C will make its U.K. debut in June 2022, during the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  First deliveries of the car are set for 2023 and production is limited to just 80. The model represents only the first in a diverse series of exclusive performance vehicles coming from the informed imagination of the Czinger team, each of which will be available through H.R. Owen in the years ahead.

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