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Dacia reinvents the ‘new car smell’ with British road trip inspired air fresheners

Scotland’s North Coast 500 (68%) has been crowned the UK’s best drive by British motorists. The Coastal Way, Wales (50%) and The Jurassic Coast, from Poole to Lyme Regis (40%) add to the top five.

The study of 2,000 Brits conducted by car brand Dacia, has uncovered the ultimate UK road trips, with over nine in ten (96%) stating that the UK has the world’s best drives. The longlist was created by a panel of top travel experts which was then put to a public vote to identify the best UK autumnal road trips.

To celebrate the nation’s most desirable road trip locations, Dacia, the brand synonymous with the outdoors and for selling the perfect cars for adventures, is launching a limited-edition range of car air fresheners. Reinventing the ‘new car smell’ and transporting the public – through scent – from every errands to beautiful British landscapes, the brand has partnered with award-winning perfumer, 4160 Tuesdays. Together, they have captured the authentic scents of the most loved British road trips in all their sensual glory.


The North Coast 500 route starting from Inverness, Scotland

The Coastal Way, Wales

The Jurassic Coast, from Poole to Lyme Regis

Cheddar Gorge through the Mendip Hills

Causeways Coastal Route, Belfast to Derry/Londonderry

Kendal to Keswick in the Lake District

The Cotswolds to Bath

Cat and Fiddle route (A53 then A54 followed by the A537) in the Peak District

Ribblehead Viaduct, North Yorkshire

Snowdonia’s Llanberis Pass, Wales

The research also revealed that Brits take on average three road trips each month, with 90% of Brits saying that driving across the UK’s most iconic roads tops their bucket list.

Dramatic landscapes, coastal beaches, and country roads make up the most important factors for Brits when planning a UK road trip.

37% of Brits say Autumn is the most beautiful time to explore Britain with changing foliage (53%), cooler weather (41%) and fewer tourists (33%) topping the list of reasons why. A whopping 94% of Brits say reminiscing on family road trips is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Brits vote adulthood friends (58%), children (56%) and parents (54%) as best road trip companions. The ultimate road trip for Brits lasts four days with no more than three passengers.

60% of Brits love finding new places to explore, with a further 47% saying laughing with family and friends is the thing they enjoy most when on a road trip.

The perfumery, known for hand-making adventurous scents, used traditional and quirky methods to research and extract the essence of each individual location, looking to the lush landscapes, as well as Dacia’s iconic humour, for inspiration.


Scent-sational Highlands (North Coast 500, Scotland) – Scent of earth and sea with pine trees and wild raspberries, with subtle notes of haggis

The Coastal Whiff (The Coastal Way, Wales) – Seashore aroma with extra added daffodils, and a faint undertone of brine

The Jura-scent Coast (The Jurassic Coast, England) – Seashore plus ancient fossils and ice cream

Eau de Gorge-ous (The Cheddar Gorge, England) – Moss, rocks, thyme, geranium and grass, with gentle hints of cheddar cheese 

Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays said: “Scents are the perfect way to encapsulate the beauty of Britain. No matter where you are, the smell of these air fresheners will instantly transport Brits to the beautiful road trip locations our nation has to offer.” 

Luke Broad, Dacia UK Brand Director, said: “The UK is the ultimate playground for adventurous motorists. There’s nothing quite like the refreshing aroma of the rolling hills, coastal wind and, er, cheese, to get you in the road trip mindset. Our custom range of air fresheners bring the essence of Great Britain’s favourite destinations right into your car. It’s Dacia’s take on the ‘new car smell’.”

Dacia, the brand with outdoor spirit, aims to help Brits embark on unforgettable adventures, whether abroad or closer to home. By offering reliable vehicles perfectly suited for both short getaways and grand expeditions, Dacia is there to ensure every journey is filled with excitement and possibility.

Dacia. Makes scents.

The air fresheners will be available to collect for free from Dacia Retailers across the UK*. For more information visit

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