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Drivers favour their dogs just as much as their children when it comes to letting them sit up front

Drivers are just as likely to let their furry friends sit up front with them as they are their children, according to new research by SEAT.

Nearly one in five motorists say their dogs get to sit in the front, almost as many as the number of drivers who let their children do the same.

Londoners are twice as likely to treat their best friend to the seat with the best view out, with nearly 40% claiming this is where they let their dogs travel.

However, the research found the rear seat to be most popular with their pets, with 38.5% of owners claiming their dogs travel in a rear side seat, while 23.9% draw the short straw with the middle seat.

Just over a third of dogs have to make do with the boot, with 44% of owners in both East Anglia and Northern Ireland seemingly less inclined to get hairs on the passenger seats.

Owners in the North East were the most likely to travel with their dog in the rear seat, with nearly 60% of owners stating their dog frequently travelled in this part of the car.

In comparison, just over a fifth of the nation’s children get to ride up front, with 56% in a rear side seat, a quarter in the rear middle seat and one-in-ten in a third-row seat.

In April, SEAT revealed over half of dog owners admitted to driving more carefully with their dog in the car, with nine out of 10 owners unaware they could be fined £5,000 and receive nine penalty points for not restraining their pets properly while driving.

SEAT offers a range of pet accessories to suit your pet’s preference, with protective seat covers and harnesses for those in a passenger seat and cargo separation grills and luggage compartment covers for those in the boot.

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