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Drivers left underwhelmed by General Election promises – AA

Drivers have been left underwhelmed by transport promises made by all parties ahead of the General Election on Thursday (12 December), according to study by the AA.

A survey of 17,910 drivers found that, despite the manifesto pledges surrounding tax cuts and freezes, two thirds (66%*) say they fear road based taxes such as Vehicle Excise Duty and Insurance Premium Tax will increase after the election.

Similarly, 68% of drivers fear that road based costs such as the price of fuel, parking fees and motor insurance will rise whoever comes to power.

It comes as a quarter (26%) of drivers say motoring-based policies play an important role in deciding who they will vote for.

Motoring policies – top priorities, the good and the bad

As part of the study, drivers were asked to determine their top transport priority for the next Government. Unsurprisingly, the condition of roads romped home with a third (35%) of drivers saying potholes and road markings needed repairing.

One in 10 (10%) stated that more incentives were needed to help the nation move from traditional petrol and diesel cars into greener alternatives like hybrids and electric vehicles. Completing the top 3 priorities was a desire to see the scrapping of All Lane Running smart motorways, with 10% making this their key motoring issue.

When provided with a range of policy concepts, drivers were asked to determine if they were a good or bad idea. The top five is as follows;Good ideas Bad ideas
Rank Policy % Rank Policy %
1. Compulsory eye sight  tests for drivers over 70 applying to renew a driving licence 81 1. Trials of Driverless cars on public roads 67
2. Install more Emergency Refuge Areas to motorways without hard shoulders 79 2. Increased taxation on diesel vehicles 58
3. Financial incentives to buy new vehicles with greener credentials 76 3. Prioritise high speed rail over road improvements 49
4. Regulation or licencing of all parking enforcement in private car parks e.g. superstores, service areas 67 4. Build more All Lane Running smart motorways 47
5. More voluntary training schemes for qualified drivers e.g. young, old, business 63 5. Make all drivers over 70 years old re-sit their driving test 45


Edmund King, AA president says; “Considering the majority of journeys and freight are moved by roads, all Political Parties seem to have missed a key opportunity to win over the driver.

“While some Parties have picked elements of motoring policy in the transport sections of their manifestos, drivers remain unconvinced that one of the nations key infrastructures will be properly invested in. We are disappointed that none of the parties say they would address the concerns of 79% of drivers who want more emergency refuge areas on ‘smart’ motorways.

“Despite many warm words made from podiums in the run up to Thursday, drivers remain sceptical that their wallets will remain untouched as the allure of tinkering with road taxes could prove too much for politicians.

“Drivers already feel under the cosh from £1 billion taken in parking surpluses, many more tens of millions of pounds taken in bus lane and moving traffic fines, and only a relatively small proportion of the £40 billion** in various motoring taxes going into road transport.  What politicians give with one hand, they take with another – and drivers fear any new government will just repeat that trick.

“This election could have been a landmark moment for driving in this country, but other issues are clouding their vision.”

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