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EAV and Halfords team up to keep e-cargo bikes moving

British electric cargo bike manufacturer Electric Assisted Vehicles (EAV), has appointed Halfords as its key UK fleet service, maintenance, and repair partner, ensuring EAV’s Fleet customers have access to qualified Halfords Mobile Expert (HME) technicians anywhere in the UK.

Through Halfords, EAV will offer its customers after-sales service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) packages including at remote locations. The service offered by Halfords ensures EAV customers can minimise disruption and their vehicles are never off the road for too long, while being able to maintain the high levels of business efficiency associated with EAV’s lightweight eCargo vehicles.

This latest partnership reinforces EAV’s commitment to its UK Fleet customers, offering the best professional service possible, and supporting customers in switching from diesel and petrol vehicles to an emissions-free eCargo bike alternative.

Speaking on the collaboration, EAV CEO and founder Adam Barmby commented, “Halfords is one of the best-known British brands, so to join forces with them on this project is very exciting.  EAV is still a small but growing business; however, we have big expansion plans with our Future Transport Vision range of Urban Specific Vehicles.  This partnership will allow us to offer service, maintenance, and repair from Halfords, a trusted large company, without losing our personal approach that is synonymous with EAV.

The future of this space is limitless; we are reinventing the urban city formula and how businesses approach their delivery fleet, urban transport operations and last mile strategy. By switching to sustainable transport, customers can continue to deliver extraordinary service, while reducing their impact on their local environment.”

Chris Oakley, Head of Commercial and Business Development, Halfords for Business said, “We’re pleased to announce the partnership with EAV to support their fleet customers with service, maintenance and repair through our Halfords Mobile Experts. In line with the Halfords for Business strategy of helping to keep the nation’s workforce moving, this partnership helps organisations move to a future-proofed and environmentally friendly solution, whilst maximising fleet utilisation and demonstrating operational excellence.”

Based in Oxfordshire, EAV has already proven itself as an industry leader, gaining fleet customers, from large household names through to small independent businesses.  All EAV vehicles are designed and built in the UK.  EAV’s customers extend to national delivery and facilities companies such as Amazon, Fed-Ex, DPD, Ryde, Delivery Mates, Veolia, LaundryHeap and Green Bike company and EVRI.  Local councils including Islington, Hackney, Dover and Westminster also utilise EAV bikes within their fleet to support their commitment to a greener and healthier future.

The EAV2Cubed is currently in production at EAV and is being shipped to multiple clients both in the UK and internationally, allowing them to meet their emissions reduction goals.  With a capacity of 2 cubic meters and capable of holding up to 170kg of cargo weight, the EAV2Cubed is one of the most effective light commercial goods vehicles available on the market.  Being emissions-free has also allowed EAV customers to save over 150,000 tonnes of CO² to date (in comparison to a standard diesel van) just through the switch to the industry leading eCargo bike and last mile delivery solution.

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