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Evtec Automotive makes capital investment in the future of UK EV production

Evtec Automotive, an electric vehicle focused automotive parts supply specialist, has doubled down on its commitment to supporting EV production in the UK with capital investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to cement the Tier 1’s position in the heart on the automotive sector and marks the first phase of its business strategy.

The 110-tonne injection molding machine is capable of producing thousands complex parts per week to satisfy customer demand for lower costs and shorter streamlined supply chains.

Kevin Hubbard, Managing Director Evtec Automotive said “Following the challenges of international shipping exacerbated by the COVID 19 pandemic, all UK based OEMs are looking for onshore production to ensure a stable and predictable supply line of components. Evtec Automotive’s investment in the resin injection moulding machine will enable us to supply top quality parts, to tolerance and on time from here in Coventry. Initial conversations with our customer base have all been overwhelmingly encouraging and since installation this summer we’re dispatching 3,000 parts per week to customers across the UK”.

Evtec Automotive, the Coventry-based Tier 1 supplier of a huge range of modular assemblies to many of the major players in the UK automotive sector with a clear focus on supporting the growing electric vehicle sector. Relaunched under new management in 2021, Chairperson David Roberts brings an ethical, sustainable approach to the business. Evtec can produce upto 250,000 individual assemblies per month across 156 live production assemblies and 450 aftermarket kits. Available to build from stock and in the supply chain, ready to be called back into production at any time are a further 700 assemblies. Each of these subassemblies can have long and complex bills of materials sourced from suppliers around the world. They also often require complex tooling, bespoke to each vehicle part. Battery cooling systems, for example demand millimeter perfect pipework that twists and threads its way through the vehicles’ neatly packaged powertrain, venting potentially harmful battery gasses away from the vehicle whilst keeping water, dirt and debris out.

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