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In your dreams: Porsche tops the car brands most british drivers hope to own one day

PORSCHE is the car brand that more motorists ‘dream’ of owning than anything else on the road.

And more than half of aspirational Porsche drivers believe they really will own their dream car one day.

That’s according to the online car supermarket, who asked drivers to name their dream car and how realistic their hope of owning one is.

Porsche dominated the list, named by over twice as many drivers as second-placed Aston Martin and third-placed Tesla combined. asked more than 500* car owners ‘what car do you dream of owning one day’ and ‘do you think you will own it’. Drivers responded by naming 46 brands and 90 different models.

Responses ranged from supercars such as the Bugatti Veyron, realistically only within reach of multi-millionaires, to more humble models such as the Kia Niro plug-in hybrid and even a Citroen 2CV.

Aston Martin was named as Britain’s second most aspirational car brand, with just under one in ten drivers dreaming of owning one of the DB types, a Vantage or a Vanquish, while Tesla came third, named by 6.5% of respondents.

But Porsche’s dominance of the dreams of British motorists is revealed by the fact that it was named by almost one in five drivers as their greatest 4-wheel aspiration. And Porsche fans seem to be more confident than most of one day owning their dream car.

Unlike Lamborghini lovers, none of whom said they ever expect to live their dream behind the wheel, more than half of those who cited a Porsche model also think that they eventually will.

Almost every other car brand named appears to be destined to remain in the dreams of the motorists who named them. While 18% of Porsche fans expect to make their dream come true, just 7.9% think they’ll ever own the Aston Martin of their dreams – falling to 6.6% for Tesla lovers.

Andy Oldham, Chief Executive of, said: “Porsche is clearly the most aspirational car brand for British motorists, according to the drivers we asked, but Porsche fans also seem to be the most committed to one day owning their dream car.

“It seems that Porsche hits the sweet spot of being sufficiently exotic to inspire dreams of ownership but also often as affordable as a more mainstream executive type car, if you are happy to go for a used model – as customers of BuyaCar always do.”

*511 car owners were surveyed by between May 1st and May 14th 2020.

The top 10 car brands British drivers most dream of owning

Brand Rank Number of models named
Porsche 18.0% 8
Aston Martin 7.9% 6
Tesla 6.6% 5
BMW 6.4% 4
Jaguar 6.2% 4
Audi 5.1% 3
Bentley 5.1% 2
Mercedes-Benz 5.1% 4
Ferrari 4.2% 9
McLaren 2.9% 5


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