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INEOS Grenadier starts at £49,000 with a simple model line-up available to order from 18 May

The Grenadier is a modern, workhorse 4X4 designed, engineered and built to world-class standards. Starting from £49,000 RRP in the UK, its simple model line-up provides the basis for buyers to easily select and configure their perfect Grenadier with a wide range of options and accessories.

Order books and an enhanced online configurator go live from 18 May. While thousands of reservists around the world have priority to secure their build slot, anyone in the launch markets* can configure and order their Grenadier.

The online configurator at takes customers through the build of their perfect Grenadier, step-by-step, and for customers in most major launch markets, the vehicle price updates in real time†. An online finance calculator† is part of the process, too, and through a partnership with Auto Trader, customers can get an indication of what the part exchange valuation could be for their current car, prior to inspection by a sales agent. With transparency and no negotiation with dealers to worry about, the price shown on the configurator is the price customers will pay.

Once they’ve settled on their configuration, customers will be able to choose their collection location – an interactive map showing nearest retailers will be available on the website. A deposit payment of £2,500 – refundable until the vehicle contract is signed – secures a build slot.


The Grenadier is a built-on-purpose 4X4, with serious off-road capability, designed to prioritise function over form. It features award-winning engines, a ladder-frame chassis, permanent four-wheel-drive, up to three locking differentials and solid beam axles. Learning from the best off-roaders of the past and partnering with world-leading suppliers, INEOS Automotive has designed a true utilitarian workhorse that’s comfortable, practical, durable and reliable, meeting the expectations of the 21st century 4X4 driver.

The Grenadier is a modern, functional and highly capable 4X4 vehicle with utility at its core. The design is ‘easy-to-read’, with no ambiguity about the vehicle’s role – it’s there to do everything the owner needs and nothing is for show. Starting from a clean sheet, there is no compromise on any angle.

The result is a timeless form, dictated by the purpose of the vehicle. It is an honest design, evocative of the iconic 4X4s of the past: boxy to maximise space efficiency; wheels positioned far into the corners of the chassis for off-road capability; straightforward, simple lines punctuated only by practical features and no superficial styling.

Round lamps at the front and rear imply the strength of a solid tube running from front to back. The front lamp clusters are the same units on the left and the right, making service and parts availability easier; similarly, the rear lamps are a common unit. The centre LED auxiliary high beam lights (included as standard) are integrated into the front grille and provide an extra 1,080 lumens when off-road.

The flat front wings are ideal for resting kit on. The belt line along the bodysides is functional – bump strips are included as standard, or the optional utility belt can be added for attaching a raft of accessories.


The Grenadier has been designed to be as fun to drive on the road as it is off. Pairing award-winning engines with a renowned transmission, the two have been tuned and calibrated to ensure great driveability on any road – from city streets and motorways to twisty mountain tracks.

Award-winning BMW power
The Grenadier has been developed to be refined on the road and extraordinarily capable off-road. Reliable and durable engines and a proven transmission have been tuned and calibrated specifically for the Grenadier. Whatever its intended use, Grenadier owners need unquestionable reliability from the powertrain. So, INEOS Automotive hand-picked the best suppliers from the automotive industry and took their quality components through an arduous testing regime of 1.1 million miles, in all climates, in all conditions, across all terrains.

The Grenadier is powered by a choice of two straight-six, 3.0-litre BMW engines. Both the BMW B57 diesel and B58 petrol powertrains have a proven track record, regularly appearing in top ten world’s best engine lists since 2016. They have been used in everything from sports cars to SUVs.

The two power units bring BMW’s sophistication and refinement to the Grenadier, but they have been enhanced by INEOS Automotive’s engineering team. As well as providing powerful acceleration on tarmac, they also deliver peak torque at low revs – sustaining it through the rev range – for optimal off-road performance.

The carefully calibrated characteristics help the driver to confidently manage the vehicle’s momentum and grip without stressing the engine, ensuring full control when tackling tricky terrain. The refined turbo petrol engine produces 286PS (210kW) and 450Nm (332 lb ft) of torque, while the twin-turbo diesel generates 249PS (183kW) and 550Nm (406 lb ft), for even greater pulling power. Start/stop is built-in, increasing range and preserving air quality when the vehicle is stationary.

Every Grenadier variant can be powered by either the petrol or the diesel engine (depending on markets), and the selection doesn’t affect the vehicle price.

Whichever is chosen, the Grenadier’s engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox from industry leader, ZF. With an impressive track record since hitting the market in 2008, and with generational updates to improve performance, ZF8HP transmissions enjoy wide use in the automotive industry.

Providing smooth multi-gear shifts in under 200ms and ensuring constant power to the wheels, the renowned transmission extracts maximum engine performance with virtually seamless shifts to maintain momentum. For drivers who wish to take control, manual mode can be selected.

Designed to always select the right gear, it effortlessly adapts to whatever terrain the Grenadier is tackling. Enhanced with a heavy-duty torque converter, proven by the Grenadier’s extreme testing programme, it’s tuned for all conditions, simplifies off-road driving, and offers an ‘eyes on the trail, hands on the wheel’ experience.

Two-speed transfer case and permanent four-wheel drive
The Grenadier is only offered with permanent four-wheel-drive to ensure reliable and instant traction on any surface. This level of traction is made possible thanks to a two-speed transfer case from industry leader, Tremec, alongside CV joints and propshafts from automotive specialist, Dana Spicer.

The durable, manually-operated two-speed transfer case has a built-in centre differential which is lockable in both high and low range.

Manufactured by Tremec, but designed by INEOS Automotive, it’s been tested in the harshest environments and its low-range ratio of 2.5:1 provides greater precision, control, and increased torque. Featuring an external oil cooling system, it’s been optimised to ensure smooth running and reliability in all conditions.

Up to three differential locks for ultimate traction
As well as the centre locking differential in the transfer case, two optional electronically actuated diff locks are available, front and rear, with 100% mechanical engagement. The front and rear diff locks can be independently toggled from the overhead control panel and automatically disengage at 75km/h to protect the drivetrain. Manufactured by Eaton Industries, the front and rear diff locks are standard on the Trialmaster trim, and optional on all others.


The Grenadier is designed to be a capable off-road workhorse. To meet this requirement, a wheel at each corner ensures short overhangs front and rear, a ladder-frame chassis offers excellent ground clearance, while a high engine air intake offers confidence when wading through water.

Ground clearance: 264mm

Wading depth: 800mm

Approach angle: 35.5˚

Breakover angle: 28.2˚

Departure angle: 36.1˚

Box-section ladder frame chassis
The foundation of the Grenadier is a full box-section ladder frame chassis. Simple, strong and stable, it’s designed to withstand daily punishment in all conditions, mile after mile. Its steel section is up to 3.5mm thick for outstanding rigidity and stiffness. Maximum protection against corrosion comes from a full E-coat treatment, internal cavity wax application and an exterior powder coat. Paying testament to the brand’s confidence in its durability, the ladder-frame is backed by INEOS Automotive’s class-leading 12-year, anti-perforation warranty.

Solid beam axles for optimum strength
Heavy-duty beam axles are essential for tackling extreme off-road terrain and carrying heavy loads. By channelling power from the Grenadier’s propshafts via a 4:1 differential ratio to the wheels, they ensure maximum traction on any surface. Developed in partnership with Carraro – an expert with over 50 years’ experience making heavy-duty tractor axles for the likes of John Deere and Claas – they’re strong, straightforward, and built to last.

Ultimate underride protection
INEOS Automotive has designed the Grenadier to handle the most extreme environments, and inevitable impacts. The Grenadier’s standard underride protection includes front and rear skid plates as well as fuel tank protection. It’s key to keeping the vehicle going, ensuring the Grenadier’s essential components are shielded when working off-road. The high-quality powder coat finish also safeguards the Grenadier’s underride protection against stone chips and off-road scrapes.


Off road, the Grenadier pulls no punches. While it’s every inch a rugged 4X4, it ticks all the right boxes on the road, too. The chassis combines a five-link suspension setup with Brembo brakes and Bridgestone tyres, meaning the Grenadier is composed, well-mannered and fun to drive no matter what the terrain.

The Grenadier is equally at home on the road as it is off-road. Core to this is its suspension design, featuring progressive springs, anti-roll bars, and a five-link setup, which combine to provide dynamic handling and a comfortable ride, whatever the load.

The Grenadier’s coil springs are made by suspension specialists, Eibach, offering superior flex with nine degrees of front axle articulation and 12 degrees at the rear. Enabling more than 600mm of travel to maintain grip and make light work of driving over extreme uneven ground, they’re low maintenance, lightweight, durable and generate minimal friction.

The Grenadier features a highly responsive brake system, with disks, pads and callipers all supplied by industry leader, Brembo. Together, the components ensure impressive stopping power, even with a gross train mass (the combined fully laden vehicle and trailer weight) of up to seven tonnes. Proven in extreme conditions during prototype testing, the Brembo setup is perfect for the Grenadier.

INEOS Automotive’s winter-rated Bridgestone Dueler All-Terrain 001 tyres with 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certification ensure the Grenadier drives as well off-road as it does on it, with a bespoke tread designed for the Grenadier to perform in both snow and mud. Improved grip, control and comfort in the toughest conditions, the Bridgestone Duelers ensure all the stopping power from the Brembo brakes transfers straight to the road, in all conditions.

For extreme terrain or challenging conditions, drivers can choose the more aggressive tread of the optional BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tyres.

All tyres have strong, deep reinforced sidewalls for added puncture resistance, plus tyre pressure monitoring as standard.

The Grenadier rides on traditional, hard-wearing 17-inch steel wheels as standard, with 18-inch steel, 17-inch alloy and 18-inch alloy options available. All use a six-stud pattern with a 130mm Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD), and are available with both Bridgestone and BFGoodrich tyres. Owners can also choose locking wheel nuts to keep the wheels secure.

Selectable driving modes for precision driving
Key convenience and safety features developed for on-road driving can be redundant off-road. That’s why the Grenadier features an Off-Road Mode to disable parking sensors, seatbelt reminders and engine start-stop.

The integrated Wading Mode ensures the vehicle is optimally set up for wading, including monitoring engine temperature and disabling the engine fan when safe to do so.

For maximum confidence when off-road, the central touchscreen displays relevant information for the driver, including vehicle attitude, steering angle, system temperatures and drivetrain utilisation.

Downhill Assist dynamically brakes individual wheels to enhance control of the Grenadier on extreme descents. Uphill Assist, meanwhile, automatically holds the Grenadier in position after the driver releases the handbrake, and provides added safety when tackling steeper terrain.

In 2017, INEOS Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a car enthusiast and experienced adventurer, identified a gap in the market for a stripped back, utilitarian, hard-working 4X4 engineered for modern day compliance and reliability. The idea to develop a vehicle from scratch was developed by Sir Jim and some friends in their favourite pub, The Grenadier in Belgravia, London, which inspired the vehicle’s name. INEOS Automotive Limited was formed and a senior team of automotive professionals assembled to bring the vision to reality with a fresh perspective of 4X4 development and manufacturing.

The Grenadier has come to life over the last five years, combining rugged British spirit and design with German engineering rigour. The team has not wavered in its razor-sharp focus on remaining true to Sir Jim’s original vision. The Grenadier will provide best-in-class off-road capability, durability, and reliability to those who depend on a vehicle as a working tool, wherever they are in the world.

Engineering integrity
The Grenadier has undergone a rigorous, global testing programme over 1.1 million miles to ensure it meets INEOS Automotive’s ambition to be the ultimate 4X4. This is backed up with a class-leading five-year warranty. The Grenadier is built to last and engineered to keep going, year after year.

Renowned for their unforgiving and destructive hard-rock terrain, the Austrian mountains have been used for decades by Magna Steyr as the ultimate test of off-road capability and durability for special purpose vehicles. Including INEOS’s in-house team and those at its development partners – in particular, at Magna and AVL – there are around 350 engineers developing the Grenadier.

The Grenadier’s testing programme saw more than 130 second-phase prototypes deployed in extreme environments around the world. For example, off-road development locations included one of the most formidable 4X4 testing grounds in the world – the notorious trails of Schöckl mountain near INEOS Automotive’s engineering partner Magna Steyr’s HQ in Austria. Engineers successfully completed extensive cold weather engine calibration with Grenadier prototypes in northern Sweden, vehicle dynamic development in Hungary, and hot weather testing in Morocco and the Middle East.

Since 2020, INEOS Automotive has been working with The HALO Trust as a development partner for the Grenadier. The world’s largest humanitarian mine clearance and weapons disposal organisation operates more than 600 4X4 vehicles in some of the most remote and inhospitable places on the planet. Seeing how drivers deal with the terrain and repair vehicles in challenging conditions and with only basic tools has helped shape the ongoing development of the Grenadier. Prototypes are joining active HALO projects.

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