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Karai becomes world’s first smartphone app to offset tailpipe carbon emissions in real-time

In a world of reducing carbon footprint and rising fuel prices, a new free-to-use smartphone app has been launched today to make it easier for drivers to be kinder to the environment. Karai by Drive Key, available initially through the App Store, is the only app that tracks vehicle carbon emissions in real-time, as well as eco driving behaviour scores and tips, based on actual driving data.

Created by leading vehicle Human-Machine Interface and vehicle technology specialists, Conjure, the Karai by Drive Key smartphone app uses Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data on any tailpipe emission-based registration on g/km carbon usage to calculate actual emissions. This, coupled with real-time driver data and behaviours, delivers transparent carbon emissions information. Currently geared towards motorists with internal combustion engines, Karai aims to provide drivers with options on how to offset their carbon emissions by either being carbon neutral or carbon positive.

Launched in conjunction with automotive presenter Vicky Parrott, Karai is available now as a free download via the Apple App Store and all other operating systems by Summer 2022. The app monitors users’ driving styles to calculate efficiency, provide an eco score, and recommend how to improve, empowering drivers by encouraging them to learn about eco driving and teaching them how to reduce their carbon footprint. In a world focused on global net zero goals, it is the only smartphone app that tracks vehicle carbon emissions and offsets in real time.

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Karai, a product of Drive Key Corporation, has collated data on many different car models to produce accurate information on the cost of carbon offsetting. For example, a Vauxhall Corsa – the best-selling car in the UK in 2021* – would cost only £3.95 per month to offset 100 per cent of emissions based on annual mileage of 6,000 miles. Even if the driver doubled that figure to 12,000 miles annually, the cost remains low at only £7.91 per month.

At the other end of the scale, running a popular family car such as the Nissan Qashqai for up to 20,000 miles per year would cost less than £15 per month to offset and become carbon neutral. Even a powerful, luxury SUV such as the Range Rover Sport costs just over £34 per month to offset for the same mileage. It goes to show that even small actions can have a massive impact on the reduction of carbon emissions.

As well as suggesting more efficient driving techniques, Karai also records journey data and uses it to recommend carbon emission reduction solutions, known as carbon offsets. Carbon offsetting is a simple but effective way of using re-wilding, re-forestation, renewable energy projects and more, to absorb the equivalent carbon dioxide that your car produces. It also aids biodiversity, employment and habitat protection, among other benefits.

“After two years of planning, data analysis and testing, we are absolutely thrilled to launch Karai today”, said Calin Saftoiu, Chief Executive Officer of Drive Key Corporation. “Our initial focus is on helping drivers to reduce their emissions, and the efficient driving techniques that result from Karai’s recommendations can do so by up to 25 per cent. In the same way a fitness app builds active habits, our vision for the app is to help driving more effectively become second nature to Karai users.”

Sam Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Conjure, who partnered with Drive Key on the Karai mobile app build, said of the launch: “It has been amazing to be part of the Karai journey so far from conception until now, and it’s always highly satisfying for us to see a usable product launch to the market. We are very much looking forward to continuing working with Drive Key and helping to make the Karai app the first of many products together.”

Karai uses location tracking and DVLA data to provide the best possible information on carbon emissions monitoring. Akin to using Google Maps or other mobile-based satellite navigation systems, it is fully secure and intuitive.

Karai is available now on the Apple App Store, click here to download and start using the app today via


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