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Light commercial vehicles

LCV figures continue their downward trajectory.

““As a result of the on-going global supply chain issues, the LCV industry has again struggled to recoup its decline in figures from previous months”. Said Sue Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA). She continued “However, the wide range of electric LCVs available and the increasing cost of petrol and diesel have led commercial consumers to explore EV alternatives for their businesses.”

New light commercial vehicle (LCV) registrations fell by -20.7 % to 18,722 units in July, compared to the 23,606 new LCV registrations recorded in July 2021.

Across the board of types of LCVs experienced a fall in sales. Larger vans with a GVW of 2.5 – 3.5 tonnes saw a decline of -11.2% This month compared to last July. Nearly 2,000 units less than July.

Despite ongoing supply chain issues, electric van registrations are 21.2 % higher in July compared to July of last year.

Although electric vans posted an impressive registration rate this July, their market share current sits at a mere 5.4 % meaning only 1 in 18 vans is an EV model.

Year-to-date EV registrations are up by 55.7 % at 8,865 units, compared to the year-to-date EV figures last year at 5692 units.

Sue Robinson added: “Global supply chain challenges still remain an issue for LCV industry and leading to a consistent decline in new LCV registrations month by month. Positively, electric LCV have increased in their presence in figures, yet they make up very few commercial vehicles compared to ICE LCV. The NFDA continue to support dealers with Electric LCV and campaign for the government to support more of its members with EV.”

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