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Manheim Online sets new sales record

Manheim broke a new monthly sales record in May for its Manheim Online business, achieving a growth of 12.5% year on year and making it the most successful month since sales began.

Manheim Online which operates dedicated online sales for manufacturers and fleet and leasing customers, provide several buying options including upstream sales capabilities and access to a large choice of quality vehicles, all available to buy with the click of a button.

The key driver to success, it says, is developing the ‘upstream’ strategic partnerships with vendors ensuring cars are replenished daily providing buyers with instant access to first-to-market, quality stock. The success of these relationships is further evidenced through another all-new record being set, with partner’ Hyundai selling over 380 vehicles online in May alone.

John Biggs, head of Online at Manheim, said: “Exceeding our monthly sales target is a fantastic achievement and underlines the consistent growth we are seeing in our online sales channels.

“The strong sales results are testament to the team’s hard work to secure the best quality stock and broaden our buyer base to improve the customer experience.”

Baz Slatter, commercial director at Manheim, added: “These extraordinary results continue to validate our predictions on the growing demand for digital engagement on both the vendor and buyer side of the transactions.

“We are seeing a growing number of vendors move to our online channels as they understand the significant reductions in days to sell that can be achieved.

“We have built a buyer base around various online channels for several years now and continue to grow this area, the key difference now is the permissions to unitise these channels is being granted by our vendors and the proof points are now in evidence”.



Increased consumer interest helps used electric vehicle values rise 7% says Cap HPI

Increased interest in electric vehicles has helped used values increase by 7% this year, says Cap HPI.

Chris Plumb, a motoring expert from HPI, said: “Interestingly it appears to be the range extender models which is driving the recent strong performance as values of pure electric have struggled of late.

“The BMW i3 is a popular choice and is a great second-hand buy. It brings a good level of specification and badge prestige.

“The optional range extender can increase the range of the BMW i3 in comfort Mode from up to 125 miles to a total of 206 miles. The small, rear-mounted, quiet two-cylinder petrol engine powers a generator that maintains the charge of the battery at a constant level, so that the BMW i3 can continue to drive electrical.”


  Range Model/Trim Cost New 15/15 20K
  BMW i3 5dr Auto (13-16) [170] £30,925 £14,650
  BMW i3 Range Extender 5dr Auto (13-16) [170] £34,075 £18,400
  Nissan Leaf Tekna  5dr Auto (15–) [109] £30,535 £9,900
  Nissan Leaf Tekna 30KWh 5dr Auto (15–) [109] £31,435 £12,200


The Nissan Leaf with the 30KWh power train is attracting higher used values than the 24kWh as it has a larger range, with an NEDC range of up to 124 miles (Leaf 24kWh) or up to 155 miles (LEAF 30kWh).

Demand for petrol hybrid used vehicles remains high. Used values bucked market trends in June and prices strengthened overall, moving up by an average of 0.2% at three years 60,000 miles.

Certain derivatives performed particularly well such as the Toyota Prius (12-17) Plug-In which increased by 3.9%, Lexus RX (12-16) Hybrid which saw values rise by 2% as too did the Prius+ (12- ) Hybrid.

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