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Mazda returns to full production

The Mazda Motor Corporation would like to express its deepest sympathy and concern for all of those who have been suffering from the novel coronavirus outbreak and extend our condolences to the families it has impacted.

As of today, almost all Mazda dealerships worldwide, including in Europe, have resumed sales operations.

Mazda has decided to return operations to normal or to pre-pandemic levels starting from August. At the plants in Japan, Mexico and Thailand, which are producing vehicles for the European market, all adjustments implemented due to the spread of the novel coronavirus will end in July 2020. In Japan overtime hours and work on holidays will be resumed.

We will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation as well as the trends of automobile demand in each market where our vehicles are shipped.

Operations for August at plants in Japan

Ujina Plant No.1

(Hiroshima Prefecture)

Ujina Plant No.2

(Hiroshima Prefecture)

Hofu Plant No.1

(Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Hofu Plant No.2

(Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Work shift Day and night shift operations (double-shift operation)
Operation suspension days None
Overtime Pre-production adjustment level
Work on days off Two Saturdays (day shift) *

*In addition to the two Saturdays, there will be an extra working day on a Saturday (day shift). This is to make up for part of the operation days where production was suspended during the adjustment period as originally planned.

Note: Operations and workdays found above are as of the time of announcement and are subject to change depending on future circumstances.

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