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Morgan to showcase 21st century coachbuilding at London Craft Week

The Morgan Motor Company will relocate part of its production line away from Malvern Link, Worcestershire, for the first time in its 113-year history, to showcase its unique mix of craft and technology at London Craft Week, 10-13 May.

Running as an “open house” format, a handpicked selection of the company’s master craftspeople will relocate to Morgan Works London, the brand’s flagship central London dealership, to continue building as an extension of the production line.

Between Tuesday 10 May and Friday 13 May, visitors will be able to discover more about Morgan’s unique approach to vehicle production, as told by the individuals at the heart of it. From carpentry used in the body frames through to aluminium fabrication and leatherwork employed for the sports car’s interiors, visitors will learn about how each Morgan sports car is made.

In addition to the daily activity, on Thursday (12 May) evening one of Morgan’s Senior Designers, Thomas Brainwood, will take part in a discussion with Dave Burt, a Morgan owner and entrepreneur behind the @london Instagram channel. As well as audience participation, the two will discuss all things design, craft and bespoke, as well as topics surrounding the wider industry and the future of craft centric companies like Morgan. The evening will include a VIP reception and is open to all visitors.

A selection of unique vehicles will be displayed at Morgan Works London for the week, including the all-new Super 3 and Dave Burt’s own “Mr London” Plus Six, alongside a wealth of parts and props transported from Malvern to demonstrate all areas of the Morgan brand.

The Morgan events are free to visit for all participants, with registration and further information available at the London Craft Week website.

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