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MotoNovo’s £40K Give-Away Charity Drive Helps Charites Across the UK

With numerous reports that donations to non-NHS charities were falling dramatically during the lock-down, during the first two weeks of June, MotoNovo Finance took to the virtual road on a unique virtual charity drive helping a range of charities across the UK by donating £40,000 along the way.

The route map for the journey saw MotoNovo reaching out through social media, to target smaller registered UK charities supporting the vulnerable; this included good causes helping in areas such as homelessness, mental health, financial aid, health services, family support and animal welfare.

In 10 days the journey saw the drive reach over 250,000 people and engage with over charities, or which 20 received £2000 each.

Reflecting on the Charity Drive, MotoNovo’s CEO Mark Standish notes;

“As the COVID-19 pandemic tightened its grip on the world, charities, like businesses, have come under more pressure than ever before to deliver their services; we wanted to help.

“Our team’s fundraising efforts over the last year, combined with MotoNovo’s match funding had built to £40,000. We have used it on the drive to help twenty smaller charities across the UK. These are local charities where £2,000 can make a difference. Additionally, it has helped many others to raise their profile.

“The final part of the journey as we return to work is to seek publicity for these smaller, but vital good causes. In the ‘new normal’ many wonderful charities are helping even more vulnerable people and animals. We encourage you to support them.”

Charities Helped:

1.       Cerebral Palsy Cymru

2.       Greenacres Rescue

3.       Cwtch Baby Bank

4.       Young Leicestershire

5.       Boomerang Cardiff

6.       Medway Asthma Self Help

7.       Velindre  Cancer centre

8.       Washington Mind

9.       Helping Yorkshire Poundies

10.   Nourish

11.   Inspire Suffolk

12.   AP Cymru

13.   Forget Me Not children’s Hospice

14.   Sparkle

15.   Follow your Dreams

16.   Ty Nant Car Sanctuary

17.   Worcester Community Trust

18.   Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Trust

19.   Ty Hafan Children’s hospice

20.   Magpas Air Ambulance


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