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NFDA responds to government’s air quality plan

“With diesel cars’ emissions accounting for only 11% of London’s nitrogen dioxide (NOx) and approximately 18% of roadside NOx emissions across the UK*, it is paramount that the Government adopts a wider approach which does not focus solely on diesel to quickly and efficiently tackle air quality issues”, said Sue Robinson, Director of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) commenting on the Government’s consultation on UK’s air quality.

The Government is consulting on a range of measures to improve air quality in the UK. Some of the options are designed to reduce the impact of diesel vehicles and accelerate the move to cleaner transport. The NFDA has responded to the consultation.

Robinson continued, “The automotive industry is working consistently to reduce nitrogen dioxide emitted from cars and we must continue to work hard to ensure that the public understands that modern Euro 6 diesels are cleaner and emit much lower NOx emissions than older diesel models.

“To further support local communities in cutting air pollution, investment in electric vehicles infrastructure is paramount. The recent NFDA research carried out by YouGov highlighted that the biggest barrier preventing motorists from purchasing an electric vehicle surrounded charging, before, during and at the end of a journey**. It is also essential that electric vehicle grants are significantly extended past 2018***.

“While we continue to work with the Government to encourage the uptake of low emission vehicles, we also urge them to take our evidence into account and investigate all causes of air pollution.”

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