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“Porsche of the East” comes to the West: Skoda S110R up for auction on Car & Classic

Car & Classic’s ever-growing online auction website lists, once more, a rare find: known by connoisseurs as the “Porsche of the East”, the 1975 Škoda coupé, one of (reportedly) a handful of UK-registered S110Rs, further confirms the website’s increasingly strong reputation as the purveyor of quirky, rare and unusual classic vehicles.

As a car manufactured in Czechoslovakia, starting its life in Finland, exported to Slovakia and now auctioned by a British company, the period-correct orange Škoda is also a good example of Car & Classic’s international reach.

Some fans may consider the S110R a ‘slower’ Porsche 911, with its rear wheel drive and rear engine configuration: it certainly took over from the sporty Škoda 1000 MB and it spawned the rally-specific 130 RS, one-off 1.8L 180RS and 2.0L 200RS specials.

This Škoda has been subject of a meticulous restoration, including mechanics and bodywork, only completed six months ago. “Here is the chance to own a piece of Eastern Bloc automotive design, engineering and history,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt. “We are always delighted when we list something as unusual and inspiring as this sporty coupé, and take on the challenge of finding a home for our classics, wherever they may be.”

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