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PRA responds to claims that fuel suppliers are “fleecing” motorists

Responding to claims that have been made that petrol suppliers are “fleecing” motorists and should have cut fuel prices by 20 ppl Gordon Balmer Executive Director of the PRA said,

“The PRA has access to wholesale and pump price information and has calculated the pence per litre gross margin made by independently owned fuel retailers over the last week. Retailers purchasing petrol and diesel based on wholesale prices calculated on an average weekly lagged basis or a daily lagged basis are not making the kind of margins claimed to enable a price cut of 20 pence per litre. In fact, if they did, they would be making a large loss.

During this challenging time our members are working hard to keep their communities refuelled and fed”.

The PRA represents independently owned petrol forecourts which accounts for 65% of all the forecourts in the UK

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