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RAC reacts to reports the UK Government is considering a scrappage scheme to encourage the take-up of ultra-low emission vehicles

Responding to reports that the UK Government is considering a new scrappage scheme to encourage the take-up of hybrid and electric vehicles, RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said: “Incentivising the take-up of cleaner vehicle technology might be the game-changing boost the automotive sector needs. Drivers’ concerns about emissions are becoming ever stronger and interest in zero-emission vehicles is increasing. But many continue to say that the upfront cost of electric vehicles compared to those of similarly sized conventional vehicles is a barrier to them switching so any sort of scheme which tackles this would be very welcome.

“With more public charging points becoming available and the Government looking at clearer pricing for consumers, concerns about range anxiety and ease of charging are likely to decline.

“Clearly, there would need to be some consideration as to how this would work with the existing plug-in car grant scheme.”

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