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Sacre bleu! Pur Sang auctioned by Car & Classic

Leading specialist online auction site Car & Classic heads 2023 with the auction of a Pur Sang Type 37A, a faithful replica of the famous ‘voiturette racing’ Grand Prix Bugatti of the late Twenties by nearly as-famous company Pur Sang. The Argentinian business, well known for the attention to detail and quality of its recreations, needs no introduction to Bugatti fans.

Pur Sang (‘Thoroughbred’) builds around 20-30 models to order per year; its talented Argentinian and Californian workforce has an impeccable reputation for manufacturing high-quality vintage cars to original factory specifications, whilst improving aspects of their creation by introducing subtle modifications based on modern technology.

Almost as successful in its racing career as the earlier Bugatti Type 35, the Type 37 (and 37A) competed in Targa Florio, Mille Miglia and 24 Hours of Le Mans races. Like the original, the meticulously-crafted Pur Sang is powered by a supercharged 1496cc four-cylinder engine and offers the same kind of unique driving experience for which the Type 35 and 37 were well-known in their time.

Once in the possession of Bugatti’s granddaughter, this Pur Sang was road-registered in France, with its original “certificat” showing 1 January 1927 as the day of its “immatriculation”.

The aged GP bodywork has the expected charming patina and sits on iconic alloy wheels. The car has been used extensively, just as Pur Sang had intended: its historically-accurate replicas are meant to look and feel like the original, with simple analogue controls and mechanical functions in plain view, but deliver an easier driving experience.

The SOHC 1496cc in-line four-cylinder engine delivers power to the road just like the supercharged unit in the Type 37A.

Opening the bonnet of the Pur Sang reveals one of the few concessions to modern comfort: an electric cooling fan behind the radiator. The speed produced by the 80hp engine is adequately stopped by cable-operated drum brakes.

“Beautifully constructed by craftspeople that have kept the skills alive in Argentina, it’s a fantastic way to enjoy pre-war motoring and enter a range of events,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt. “Add the provenance from the Bugatti family ownership and the plaudits Pur Sang has garnered from the automotive media, and you have a very special car that will be appreciated by those in the know.”

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