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The Editor’s View

Almost two thirds (59 per cent) of UK motorists believe that there will be more conflict on the nation’s roads as a result of the introduction of the new hierarchy of road users. The new risk-based hierarchy is the biggest change to the new Highway Code launched at the end of January, and states that road users who possess the potential to do the greatest harm will have the most responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others. Under the new policy, pedestrians now have priority at junctions, responsibility sits with each road user to know how the new rules affect them, and how they should act in the safest way. Many of the rules are legal requirements and can carry fines and points if not obeyed. Hopefully an upcoming Department for Transport (DfT) information campaign will go some way towards disarming the scepticism around these changes, * Survey Source IAM RoadSmart.

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