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The Editor’s View

New research this week highlights that almost half of car owners (48%) say they don’t know everything their car can do, and of those who have activated a new feature, over a third (38%) “accidentally triggered” it, while 44% were alerted to the hidden extras by family or friends. Motorpoint’s research revealed that when buying a new set of wheels, reliability is the most important factor (74 per cent), closely followed by good fuel economy (72 per cent) and low servicing costs (60 per cent). However, almost six in 10 have discovered features in their current car that they didn’t know about when they first got it, and 27 per cent of people said they stumbled on these features in the manual. But these discoveries weren’t made instantly, as one in five drivers admitted it took them almost two years to discover some of their car’s hidden gems. The research also highlighted that over a quarter of Brits don’t use the features in their car because they simply don’t know how to.

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