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The Editor’s View

Would you believe it? Demand for electric vehicles is at a 3 year low. Despite the new car market seeing 6 months’ worth of consecutive growth the demand for electric vehicles has taken a nose dive. Demand for new electric vehicles (EVs) is at a three-year low. In the summer of last year, EVs accounted for nearly 30% of all new car enquiries being sent to retailers. By November, as electricity prices began to rocket, it had fallen to fewer than one in five, and today its fewer than one in 10 as energy prices have risen and some negative commentary have dampened demand. At the same time as demand is decreasing EV complaints to the Motor Ombudsman are on the increase, the Ombudsman dedicated to the automotive sector, has revealed that issues relating to the purchase process or the service received from a business after buying a car, sparked the majority (41%) of consumer complaints about an electric vehicle (EV) in 2022. This marks an 8% year-on-year increase in the volume of disputes logged by individuals with The Motor Ombudsman for these concerns.

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