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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

If you’re anything like me you will most likely have ‘lost’ your car several times over the course of your driving lifetime, some of us have been unfortunate enough to  ‘lose’ their vehicles several times during the past year alone.  Personally the place I tend to ‘lose’ my vehicle more than any other is in Manchester City centre, the faceless multi story car parks seem to cause me the biggest issues when trying to re trace my footsteps to find exactly where I parked my vehicle. The buildings look similar; the parking levels are difficult to differentiate between, the lighting makes it even more difficult to pick out exactly where you might have parked your vehicle.

Shopping centre car parks are amongst the most common places where motorist have ‘lost’ their vehicle followed closely by airports or event / festival parking.  Brits spend over 5 million hours searching for their parked cars according to SKODA UK research.

Don’t despair, SKODA have developed an App to help the more absent minded amongst us, the Connect App houses the ‘Honk & Flash’ feature. At the touch of a button, the car will activate the horn and/or hazard lights remotely as long as the driver is within 500 metres of their parked car. For those of who want to spend more time shopping than tramping through faceless parking facilities this App is a must have.

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