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The Editor’s View

Who do you treat to the best seat in your car? The children or perhaps man’s best friend the family dog? If you’re like me the front passenger seat usually goes to one of the grandchildren, deciding who gets to sit up front first is always a stressful task though.  According to research carried out by Seat this week drivers are just as likely to let their furry friends sit up front with them as they are their children. Londoners are twice as likely to treat their best friend to the seat with the best view out, with nearly 40% claiming this is where they let their dogs travel. SEAT also revealed over half of dog owners admitted to driving more carefully with their dog in the car, with nine out of 10 owners unaware they could be fined £5,000 and receive nine penalty points for not restraining their pets properly while driving.


If you’re on a long journey with your “best friend” sat up front in your newly acquired electric vehicle it’s also extremely useful to know the availability of motorway charging points, the last thing you need is a grumpy co driver as you desperately try to find the closest charging point.  In another survey this week London’s M25 is amongst the least EV-friendly motorways despite ranking as a hotspot for EV buying interest, surprisingly Scotland’s M74 is the UK’s most EV-friendly motorway, with the most charge points per mile. Yet again another reason to stay clear of the M25

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