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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

Reading an article this week written by the Licence Bureau I was amazed by a rule that I was totally unaware of, a much unknown rule that has some very serious implications indeed for individuals and businesses alike. The Licence Bureau is warning fleet managers and others responsible for business fleets that they face the same penalty points as their employees should they be convicted of a driving offence. Those responsible for business fleets – of any scale – really do need to do their homework and ensure that they have all bases covered when it comes to compliance.

According to the Road Traffic Act 1988/1991, ownership of a vehicle involved in an offence is irrelevant. This therefore implicates both owned business fleet and grey fleet operators. The Act also cites that causing or permitting driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence can incur three to six points with fine up to £1,000. The points remain for four years on licence from date of offence. The ‘person responsible for the fleet’ can have the points added to their own personal driving licence.

Any person looking after or responsible for their company fleet vehicles needs to realise that they may also be picking up the points and fines that their drivers have incurred. Using a mobile phone while driving with give both the guilty driver along with the fleet manager six penalty points on both parties licence.

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