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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

With the clocks having just gone back statistically we will see more incidents involving pedestrians and vulnerable road users from October to March than we do throughout the rest of the year. With Nearly a third (29 per cent) of UK motorists – over 14 million* drivers on the roads who get nervous when driving in the dark its perfect recipe for disaster, dark nights, rain and poor driving conditions coupled with drivers  who feel uncomfortable driving at night means we all need to be extra careful at this time of year.

For any pedestrians or nervous drivers out there at night time looking to avoid becoming one of this year’s statistics it’s well worth taking a couple of minutes to read the latest tips from IAM.  From tips on parking and speed through to being more alert when driving past schools along with watching out for phone ‘zombies’, following the tips from IAM should make these darker nights a little safer.

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