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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

Anyone looking for a totally unique vehicle tailor-made with every detail customizable built with artisan methods, panel beating and hand-crafting of the body of the car, together with other technological solutions. A vehicle capable of traversing any terrain with two- or four-wheel drive, a luxury vehicle that is equipped with a 5.7 litre bi-turbo engine capable of delivering more than 700 hp and a torque of 950 Nm. Well the wait for such a luxury vehicle is finally over; Italian designers have this week unveiled the Aznom Palladium.

The first pictures released of the Palladium are very striking; its footprint is just as impressive too with a height of 2 metres and a length of 6 metres making it longer and taller than a Rolls Royce Phantom! Don’t expect to see many of these cruising the streets of the UK any time soon, this “hyper-limousine” is targeted at the USA, Middle East and Russian markets, with only 10 being built who knows what the cost will be.

Automotive Industry Digest

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