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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

Each week when I put the Digest together I am continuously amazed by the technological changes happening within the automotive industry, changes that on first read are a touch difficult to understand, a second read usually helps me get to grips with the huge steps forward that are taking place in the “real world” automotive arena.

Solar powered cars are now a reality Thanks to more than 248 solar cells seamlessly integrated into the body of the solar powered car manufactured by Sono Motors, the Sion can charge its battery during the day through the power of the sun. An additional 35 kilometres of range per day can be generated purely by solar energy alone.

What astonished me more than a solar powered car this week is news from Xpeng Inc , the Chinese smart electric vehicle company are now upgrading their customer vehicles via OTA. For anyone else like me who is unfamiliar with the term OTA it stands for over-the-air , this week Xpeng released a major OTA upgrade for its P7 customers in China. This upgrade version will bring over 40 new functions and 200+ optimized features to P7 customers in China without any need to even visit a showroom.

Automotive Industry Digest

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