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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

Like four out of 10 UK households over the last 12 months I have also used my car as a place to work, relax and even watch TV during lockdown. During current lockdown restrictions having a relaxing refuge to get away from the constant barrage of Covid related restrictions and news is both good for your own peace of mind along with providing an environment to calm potentially strained relationships. With research from Alphabet showing nearly two thirds of fleet drivers found their mental health has been affected this winter a place of sanctuary to de-stress is important for everyone’s wellbeing.

Finally a freedom of Information request by road safety charity IAM now shows that pensioners really do have more penalty points than young drivers. There are more than 304,000 pensioners (over 65s) currently driving on UK roads with penalty points on their licence, nearly 25 times the number of young teenage drivers. The FOI request also revealed that the oldest person driving with points on their licence was 102 while there are more than 3,000 over the age of 90, finally proof that pensioners really are living in the fast lane.

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