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The Editor’s View

If you believe that there is no excuse for speeding, driving a vehicle whilst uninsured, unlicenced or without a valid MOT you will welcome the research conducted by IAM roadsmart this week. The research released by IAM roadsafe has revealed that nine-in-ten (90 per cent) of motorists, who were surveyed as part of the charity’s annual Safety Culture Report, backed the idea that speed cameras should also be used to catch drivers who are flouting these motoring violations. What a great idea to not only use cameras for speeding offences but to make better use of them to assist in identifying and fining uninsured and unlicenced drivers as well. Anything that goes some way to either remove the 630,000 unlicenced vehicles from the UK roads or fine the drivers is most welcome.

Finally if you have an electric vehicle be careful about the security of your charging cable, they are an expensive but essential accessory to replace and could cost you a small fortune if goes missing – so it’s in your best interest to prevent it from being taken by thieves. At a very quick £200 a cable, running off with a cable is easy money for any thief looking to strike it rich.

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