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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

As dealer groups get closer to the reopening of their car dealerships on the 12th April motorists are starting to bring forward plans to change their cars. The reason that 12.9% are bringing forward their plans to buy is unclear, if we had to speculate I think it has something to do with the absolute joy that buying a new vehicle brings. A pent-up demand will in my opinion lead to a rush to buy cars, for many dealers the next few months will bring record sales figures that will continue for several months to come, being overwhelmed by consumer demand will soon be the new normal.

As the demand for vehicles starts to increase as we start to come out of lockdown so does the demand from van drivers for a more discerning choice of hot beverage. The era of the traditional builder’s tea is over, tradesmen and tradeswomen right across the country have become more health conscious preferring semi-skimmed to full fat milk, a Cappuccino is now the number one favourite hot drink of white van man/woman!

Automotive Industry Digest

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