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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

Dealers I have been talking to across the week since the reopening of their sites on the 12th April are experiencing a surge of potential buyers flooding through their doors since early doors on Monday. This has created a very interesting dilemma for a couple of car sales people friends of mine, should they deal with the customers in front of them right there and then or should they work through their note pads full of “hot” leads?

Are the customers who are in the dealerships simply looking or are they genuine buyers? With a glut of enquiries and walk in customers, making the most of the opportunities is vital, spending too long simply chatting with someone who’s only out and about to relieve the monotony of the past 12 months could hit a sale persons pocket really hard. When leads and potential earning opportunities are abundant like they are at the moment the more experienced sales people have the instinct to politely dismiss the “tyre kickers” and focus more on the wallet swelling profit opportunities guaranteed to refill their empty pockets .

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