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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

By following a few simple car health tips before setting off on a long drive this summer you could avoid being stranded at the side of hot and congested motorway for several hours. A few basic maintenance checks will ensure you get to your well-deserved summer break location problem and breakdown free. Some issues obviously can’t be predicted but by following the basic checks provided by GEM Motoring Assist a trouble-free journey is more likely.

Tyres: check the pressures and adjust if necessary to take heavy loads into account.

Fuel: set off with a full tank of fuel, or full battery charge if you’re driving an electric car. Plan where you’ll stop to recharge or refuel.

Batteries: battery failures are a year-round cause of vehicle malfunction.

Fluids: many breakdowns could be avoided through simple and quick checks of the fluids your car needs. Consult your car owner’s manual to see what checks you can make and how to do them.

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