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The Editor’s View

Figures from the Deer Initiative indicate that between 42,000 and 74,000 deer are involved in collisions each year on roads in the UK1. These events are thought to lead to more than 450 injuries, and up to 20 fatalities involving drivers and passengers each year. Industry estimates put the cost of damage to vehicles alone to be at least £11 million2.

Not only do drivers have to pay more attention at this time of year for deer’s jumping out in front of them on the UK’s roads but now the rise in the number of wild boars means drivers have to be even more vigilant to avoid what could be a very costly collision. If you are unfortunate enough to hit and injure either a deer or a wild boar then you need to report the collision, if the deer or boar remains on the road then you dial 999 as there could be a risk of a further collision, the police will attend to ensure the road is made safe and the dead or injured animal is dealt with in a humane manner.

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