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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

The £1.6 billion bailout from the Government for Transport for London will come at a heavy cost for drivers within the capital’s congestion zone from next week (June 22nd 2020) drivers will face a pocket emptying 30% hike in the congestion charge. Drivers who enter the congestion zone will from next week have to pay £15.00 rather than the current £11.50.  

The Government bailout has resulted in a “temporary” price increase which will both cover the funding agreement between the Government and TFL but more importantly go some way to halt the city grinding to a halt. Government analysis indicates as lockdown eases those who would have used public transport will instead choose to drive into central London.

One alternative to public transport or driving into the capital must be the mobility solutions that electric scooters will provide. Once trials have been completed and legal hurdles have been overcome electric scooters should in the near future be as familiar a sight on the capitals roads as the iconic black cab.

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