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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

If you have an hour free this week then check out the article in the Digest this week by IDTechEx analysts, they take a look back at the key events and trends from the future mobility world over the past year – and what to look out for in 2022.  You can breeze through the article in five minutes, however to get even close to understanding some of the terms and future trends you will need to read the article much more slowly. With such topics as Axial-flux Motors, Silicon Carbide Power Electronics and Sintered Die-attach Materials along with Thermal Management in Cell-to-pack Designs there is plenty of information to get your head around in the IDTechEx article.  What’s really interesting in the analysis is the surge in sales of non-plug-in and plug-in hybrid vehicles, despite hybrids being confusing for consumers and a number of countries banning ‘self charging’ advertisements it appears consumers are still buying them in record levels. IDTechEx analysts suggest this surge in hybrid sales will be short lived with a number of manufacturers having no plans for future PHEV development.

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