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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

The rapid slow down in the sales of diesel vehicles has pushed EV’s (Electric Vehicles) into 2nd place as the fuel of choice in the used vehicle market. According to figures from the popular online car Supermarket, EVs registered in 2020 have been representing up to 27% of all one-year-old car sales in recent weeks. The figures from Buyacar came a week after Autovista revealed that more new car buyers plan to replace their car with an EV than any other fuel type. With the used car market seen as an acid test for the success of any vehicle type the performance of used EVs can be viewed as a reliable indicator of widespread acceptance of the Electric vehicle.The assumption that EV’s were only a second choice household vehicle has also been dispelled as customers are now happily spending up to £40,000 to go electric.

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