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The Editor’s View

Here’s a date for your diaries, 6th July 2022. What’s so important about that particular date you may ask? Well, all new cars launched in the UK from that date will have speed-limiting technology fitted as a mandatory requirement. The benefits of speed limiting technology on the face of it are quite obvious and it is hoped collisions will be reduced by an incredible 30 percent potentially saving thousands of lives every year. Unfortunately, the publicity surrounding the introduction of the technology is limited and much-needed driver education is almost non-existent. This new technology could like the introduction of compulsory seat belt wearing in 1983 be a game changer, the only issue is the way the car reacts when the driver quickly accelerates, some drivers will feel a push back or vibration through the accelerator pedal. To avoid unsettling or confusing drivers ahead of the introduction of the technology in four months’ time greater public awareness is needed urgently.

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