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The Editor's View

The Editor’s View

The average price of both petrol and diesel climbed to new records again this week, but wholesale prices have fallen offering some possible respite for fleets.  During a visit to the Lakes at the weekend one remote fuel station was selling diesel just below the £2.00 per litre mark at a very unpalatable £1.98 a litre. A tank of petrol is now almost £88 while diesel has now gone over £92. Oil prices have jumped more than 30% since February 24, touching $139 (£105) a barrel at one point this week.

To make life a little easier its and to enable you to compare fuel prices and find the cheapest petrol or diesel in your area the Allstar fuel prices locator is well worth checking out. Even one penny per litre can make all the difference when filling up your fleet vehicles, potentially saving your company thousands of pounds a year.

Average pence per litre and per gallon petrol and diesel fuel prices in the UK regions includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To access the latest fuel prices, click here.

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