Two thirds of motorists would like to see vaping banned in cars

Over 70 per cent of motorists would like to see vaping banned in cars according to a new survey by Motorpoint.

The web-based poll from the UK’s leading independent car retailer found 73 per cent of drivers would like to see use of the hand-held devices outlawed on the roads. A total of 350 people took part in the survey at

Although vaping behind the wheel is not technically illegal motorists could face prosecution for driving without due car and attention when holding the devices, resulting in a potential fine of up to £2,500 together with penalty points, and in some cases, disqualification from driving. Smoking in cars is also legal although since October 2015 it has been made illegal to smoke in a car carrying anyone under the age of 18.

“While there are no laws banning vaping in this country,” explained Mark Carpenter, CEO of Motorpoint, “considering the sheer volume of traffic on our roads it is paramount that we are all in control of our cars at all times, which is why, just like mobiles, we’re seeing a growing call from all sides for all hand-held devices that could potentially be used behind the wheel to be banned from our roads.”

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