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Used EVs and hybrids top Aston Barclay’s desirability index for first time

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Aston Barclay has revealed its used car desirability Index for October, with an electric car, the Hyundai IONIQ the most in-demand across both its physical and online auction channels.

The increasing desire for used EVs and hybrids once again raised the bar in October. This is the second month running the index has featured a large number of low and zero emission vehicles highlighting the shift towards a more sustainable fleet.

Toyota’s Prius was in second place while the Kia Niro, Tesla Model 3 and Lexus NX also appeared in the top 25 used cars reinforcing how zero and low emission used cars are currently in high demand.

However, the demand for premium suvs and saloon cars remains strong. The Range Rover Velar, Mercedes Benz E Class, BMW X6 and Jaguar XF all feature in the month’s strong performers.

A number of other premium suvs appeared in the list reinforcing the continued year-round demand for more high-end off-road vehicles, a trend we’ve seen throughout 2021. The Audi Q5, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Jaguar F-Pace all appeared in the top 25.

Taking into consideration three key metrics: web views prior to sale, number of physical and online bids per sale, and the sale price achieved as a percentage of CAP average, Aston Barclay keeps buyers up to date by publishing its monthly index.

Martin Potter, Aston Barclay’s Managing Director – Customer said: “Our latest index highlights the desire for electric and hybrid vehicles in the used car market, as more consumers consider owning these types of cars for the first time. With the extended lead times currently facing the industry consumers have maintained their focus on the premium used car market. Dealers continue to compete for the same stock to satisfy consumer demand which is fuelling price rises in the market.”

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