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Vehicle Licencing Statistics: 2020 Quarter 1 – AA comments

Commenting on the latest vehicle licencing statistics released by the Department for Transport today1, Edmund King, AA president says; “New government vehicle licensing statistics show that power continues to flow through to the electric vehicle revolution, with 3.7% of new car registrations now fully electric2.

“The covid crisis and lockdown’s impact on car dealerships temporarily slowed down sales although the Tesla Model 3 was the top-selling car in April and May. Government statistics released to Parliament, showing the number of plug-in car grants and the amounts given in grants per year, point to deliveries of electric vehicles during the lockdown falling to 1.5% of the previous level.

“In the last financial year, there were 46,561 payments made for cars delivered in that period under Plug-in car Grant Scheme3. That totalled £267.4 million. But, up until June, there were 113 payments for electric cars delivered in the first two months of this current financial year, totalling £8.4 million. That is a change in number of payments from 3,880 a month to 56.5 a month.

“However, despite floating the idea of a scrappage scheme, the Government now seems to have made a U-turn4. It might therefore take a little longer for the switch to electric to surge into over-drive.”

  2. First registration figures;

    Total UK car registrations in Q1 2020; 491.6 thousand. Total UK Full Battery Electric cars in Q1 2020; 18,290.

    Calculation; 18,290 / 491,600 x 100 = 3.7%

    Data taken from Tables VEH0150 and VEH0171 available here:

*Article Source

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