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Venson sparks electric vehicle interest with guide to educate business drivers

As news of the Government’s plans to expand the number of Clean Air Zones in England to 27 hits the headlines, Venson Automotive Solutions has released a ‘Plug-In Vehicle Guide’ aimed at  drivers to widen their knowledge of the cost and convenience of electric vehicles (EVs). The free Guide, which promotes greener’ fleets, can be found online and addresses the key questions drivers are asking about EVs, helping them make the shift to plug-in cars.

The ‘Plug-In Vehicle Guide’ was created after a recent survey conducted by Venson* revealed that as many as 41% of motorists said their general lack of knowledge about the total cost and convenience of owning an electric vehicle impacted their decision-making  when considering their list of potential vehicles.  These findings gave Venson cause for concern and resulted in the publication of the Guide in a bid to help drivers fully understand the commercial advantages – as well as environmental benefits – of choosing an EV.

The UK is already Europe’s largest market for zero emission capable cars, accounting for almost a quarter of European Union electric car and plug-in hybrid registrations in 2016. Educating potential buyers, fleet managers and drivers in purchasing and operating an EV, the guide covers everything from the EV technology to vehicle choice and battery range and recharging to the maintenance of an EV.

The Guide also informs drivers on how   the UK government is committed to investing in the future of EVs, by eliminating purchasing and operating barriers. Drivers are already making the shift to plug-in vehicles in London in line with Government plans to make it an ultra-low emission zone in 2019 to promote clean-air – the plans unveiled by Government this month now confirm a significant number of other towns and cities will following suit.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director of Venson Automotive Solutions, comments, “It became apparent that although there is a raft of information available about EVs, typically it is targeted at the fleet decision/policy maker not at the driver. Our Guide aims to answer key questions and dispel some of the myths that have been a barrier to drivers considering a plug-in car. Venson has a range of initiatives to help fleets make the switch to plug-in vehicles from assessing the feasibility of vehicles to implementing a charging infrastructure.”

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